Welcome to the New Age of Anti-Age- Sculptra Aesthetic

Sculptra Aesthetic is the only anti-aging injectable treatment dedicated to providing you noticeable and long-lasting results that emerge subtly over time. This gradual transformation process offers you a more natural, refreshed, and youthful-looking appearance without giving you away. Everyone will notice, but no one will know…

Sculptra works by replacing your own lost collagen. Collagen is the key element in skin that gives your face shape, and provides it with volume. At about age 30, collagen begins to break down. As a result, wrinkles, lines, and folds gradually appear and worsen with time.  While most injectables “fill” these imperfections, Sculptra Aesthetic works differently. Sculptra gradually replaces lost collagen and reinforces your skin’s support structure, providing the foundation and framework necessary to reverse facial volume loss. Contrary to what most people believe, it is actually volume loss that causes us to look older, not a few lines and wrinkles.
Sculptra Aesthetic is made from poly-L-lactic acid, or PLLA. PLLA is a biocompatible, biodegradable synthetic material that has been used medically for decades.  It is a main component in dissolvable sutures and medical implants.  PLLA has been used cosmetically in Europe since 1999, and was approved for cosmetic use in the United States in 2009. I have been using and loving this product for almost as long.

Each Sculptra Aesthetic injection works to re-stimulate your own natural collagen production. Since this is a “bio-stimulating” process, the effects of Sculptra are achieved by completing a full course of treatment sessions. Typically, three to four injection sessions are necessary, and scheduled at six week intervals. Your health care professional will customize your treatment plan to best suit your individual needs. Please be aware that since each Sculptra treatment builds upon the last, it is extremely important to return for all of your scheduled sessions, as instructed by your provider. Your level of commitment to treatment and dedication to a few simple post care instructions, will help to maximize your result.
After each treatment session with Sculptra Aesthetic, there are a few easy things that you will be required to do at home, in order to achieve your desired outcome. Within the first 24 hours of treatment, apply a cloth-wrapped ice pack to the treated areas several times throughout the day.  Never apply ice directly to the skin, this could result in a freezer type burn. The cold pack will feel soothing to your skin, as well as help to reduce the swelling that is common following injections. Try your best to stay in an elevated position post treatment as edema tends to pool when in a recumbent position. Taking Arnica Montana in sublingual form both pre and post treatment has been know to decrease any negative side effects (eg. bruising, swelling) that can be associated with this procedure.

Your aesthetic provider will also instruct you on gentle facial massage techniques following your treatment. It will be very important for you to self-massage the treated areas for several days following each visit. Regular self- massage will discourage any small lumps or bumps from forming underneath the skin. Massage specifics will be discussed with you at the time of treatment. Please avoid excess sunlight and UV exposure following your procedure. Protecting your skin from the sun is always important, but after treatment it is especially important to use sun protection until any initial swelling and redness at injection sites has resolved. Following your providers’ aftercare instructions faithfully will help to ensure a positively beautiful and long-lasting result.
As with any anti-aging injectable treatment, optimal results will be dependent upon your particular aesthetic providers artistry and skill level. Advanced practice techniques are required to inject this product properly. Please be mindful when considering aesthetic treatment, that it is of utmost importance, to seek out a highly trained and well-practiced Sculptra Aesthetic expert in your geographical location.

Stacy Bair RN, Injection Nurse Specialist, at “Revival by stacy" located in northern Colorado Springs, is proud to be recognized as the premier provider of Sculptra Aesthetic in Southern Colorado; Bair is considered to be an authority in the medical aesthetic community. Patients travel from all parts of the country to receive her expert care.


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