Latisse Eyelashes Treatment

Make Sure You Get the Right Latisse Treatment in Colorado Springs for Your Thin or Short Eyelashes

Here's what you need to know about results-oriented and esthetically-pleasing Colorado Springs Latisse treatment for eyelashes from registered Aesthetic Injection Nurse Specialist, Stacy Bair, RN, at Revival by Stacy:

Colorado Springs Latisse LogoLATISSE® solution is a prescription treatment to improve short or thin eyelashes as a result of hypotrichosis. With the proper treatment, your eyelashes can be thicker, darker, and longer.

The product is not an immediate solution, but instead a safe, lasting solution. It takes approximately 16 weeks of consistent application of product to achieve optimal results to occur—which is natural-looking, full, long eyelashes.

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LATISSE® is a registered trademark of Allergan, Inc. (

Product and Procedure Safety

At Revival by Stacy, we use the highly-quality aesthetic medicines only. All products are FDA-approved and we never deviate from strict manufacturer application guidelines. This best assures your safety.

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