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Dysport is a comparable product to Botox. It's an injection used to improve the appearance of moderate to severe frown lines without the need of surgery or treatment of your entire face. Dysport is injected in between the brow muscles to block nerve impulses and relieve the frown lines. Other areas of your face not treated, such as your smile, still work normally.

Dysport offers temporary results and is often followed with repeat treatments to maintain the improved appearance.

With Dysport, you get quick, noticeable results. There's no surgery. There's no recovery time. You can talk with an aesthetic medicine professional, like Stacy Bair, RN, to discuss your aesthetic goals and determine if Dysport is the right treatment for you.

DYSPORT® is a registered trademark of Medicis (www.dysportusa.com)

Your Safety Comes First

It's important that you become an advocate for your own safety and results. Take the time to talk to an aesthetic medicine specialist, like Stacy Bair, RN, about your preparation and after-care requirements in order to best assure favorable and safe results.

At Revival by Stacy, we use only FDA-approved products and adhere strictly to manufacturer product specifications for your safety. We don't charge by the unit, like many others do. Instead, we charge area treated. This makes sure you get a proper dosage at a fair price.

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